Monday, February 3, 2014

My First Jump

Cantering on Star:
Star has this funny trait, when you ask him to canter from trot, he just gets faster in trot. My theory behind this is, that its a test! If you don't put your leg in the right place or apply the right pressure at the right time or maybe if you ask him to canter and he reads you to be a novice! I think Star says to himself "lets have a bit of fun with this one" and he starts to trot really fast (as if to try and unseat his rider so he doesn't have to canter at all). So there has been some interesting times learning and practicing my canter on Star, the little trickster.
Now that I have practiced my canter on the ever so bumpy Star!!!
Vincent suggests I try my first jump over a cross pole!!!!!
I'm not sure there is just one word to describe how I felt about this comment:
- due to the amount of adrenaline pumping around my veins

One very nervous Clodagh picked up her reins and kicked Star on for her first jump.....
Does she stay on.........
Will she have a fall........
Watch to find out

Well I stayed on!!!! WEHOO!!!! I laugh when I see this video because if you look, Star jumps and after the jump if you look closely at me you can see that I stay glued to his mane in my jumping position, as if to say I AM NOT COMING OFF, NO WAY NO HOW!!!! 
First jump down next achievement is to jump a straight pole. 

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