Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Bum Stutter

I just love this title and my self invented word - due to plenty of practice in the Bum Stutter.

So what is a Bum Stutter: it is when you are first trying to learn how to do rising trot. (Rising trot is when a rider rises from the saddle and sits in rhythm with the horse as they trot.) And a Bum Stutter is when you get the timing completely wrong and end up bouncing off the saddle hence creating a stutter in your rising trot.

Now the explanation of this action seems very simple however the enactment of such is VERY different particularly when only learning how to horse ride! The bum stutter gives you a type of instability in the saddle that makes you grip onto a mane, head, saddle, tail or ANYTHING in an attempt to not be bounced off and out of said saddle. It is also great fun and a challenge to try and get it right.

What I have been trying to achieve is a fluid motion of raising and sitting in time with my horses trot all the while squeezing my legs against the horses side every time I sit in order to keep the trot going. So this is like trying to pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time - a gift I was not endowed with when I was child!

You also find out where your seat bones are located in your derriƩre as I have DEFINITELY bruised these for sure. This pain in you rear quarters is coupled with crippling leg pain that makes it hard to get out of the bed and walking down stairs, NIGHTMARE. The more you try to use your leg to get and keep your horse trotting the more your building up the strength and muscle. However just like any gym like or aerobic activity it does carry the afterburn!

When you get it right!
I GOT it and can I tell you the feeling was AMAZING, in time and in tune with my trusty steed Tubs. When you get it right a connection or bond is created between you and your horse and I felt it. It is hard to describe, I can only compare it to when I was learning how to dance and my dance partner and I got the timing and the steps right and it was fluid. A type of magic is created in those moments, that spark spurs me on to continue and improve my equine education. (oh yea and this magic carries with it a spell of amnesia, you forget the pains and discomforts, as the pleasure of the experience is worth every ache)