Monday, December 16, 2013

Blackberry Stables Christmas Party

As a yard we all met up to join in the Christmas festivities (and to see what we all look like in our normal lives outside of the yard with non muck stained, horse slobber drenched clothes!!) We hardly recognized each other!!

So for one night we got to shed the hats, boots and jods to join together at Blackberry Stables Christmas Party. Its a rare occasion that you get to discuss your passion of horse riding while on a night out and others aren't glazing over or telling you to 'Stop rabbiting on about horse riding' but understand the fire that this past time ignites within its rider.

I'm not about to sit and write about the entire night and all our regalings about our equine endeavors however there was one moment that needs to be recorded.

Vincent Dempsey
Before our meal began Vincent Dempsey, Blackberry Stables owner made a speech, a sort of grace before meals if you will. He welcomed us all to the Christmas party and reminded us all why we were there by reading a poem of appreciation and admiration he had written about all the horses we all knew and loved. Luckily he granted me and you the reader the honor of sharing it with you.
(every name in bold is one of the crew of horses and ponies at Blackberry Stables)

Upon stirrup we sit astride, to ride the most majestic of animals, The Horse.
Tubs, A lady with grace, holds many unsteady a rider in place. 
Star, will teach you to canter, teach you to trot, sometimes teach you to fall - A LOT!!
Scooby, with elegance of an Arabian stallion slow on the sand, like wind through grass.
Trigger and Bart, two brothers in hoofs teaching many a child the pleasure, the passion, the moves.
Young king Arthur, steady and slow teaches us how to move, how to flow.
Dappled Oscar shows true kindness to all, never wanting anyone to take a tumble, a fall.
Aren't we the fortunate ones to be given wings, to be in union, to ride astride a Roman Centurion.

by Vincent Dempsey