Friday, January 31, 2014

Equine Lingerie

I have recently found out a a monumental discovery which I wish someone had passed on to me. Instead I had to find out the hard way! Therefore I want to make my discovery public in order to save someone else the discomfort I have experienced.

In a rush one day as it was a beautiful day and someone asked if i wanted to go for a ride out. I changed from my 'normal' clothes quickly into my jods and riding gear. Leaving my 'normal' thong underwear on.
Big Mistake!!
How big a mistake I was not to find out until it was too late!! I rode for an hour and found my seat to be a little sore during different transitions on board. It was not until I was well finished in the yard before I realized that I had received friction burn in the most sensitive of areas................................................VERY SORE
I've had many an injury however I never expected to have the above affliction from horse riding or ever for that matter. It was only after the fact that I started telling other ladies in the yard of my predicament. They clearly had similar experiences and advised full brief underwear, boyfriend style briefs or shorts. However I would of enjoyed avoiding this particular injury hence why I'm imparting this important information on to you.

Do's Dont's
Wear Bridget Jones Style Underwear Absolutely NO Thongs
Wear Boyfriend Style Briefs Non Cotton gusseted underwear
Comfortable Seam-free Underwear Lacey Material def NO NO

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